Our Collabs


You know how we found these guys? We posted an IG post last March for an on-mountain bar crawl and Joe & Mike came through guns blazing. After the first bar of the day you could tell it was a match made in heaven and the rest is history. Keep an eye out for our first collaboration but in the meantime here is a little blurb about these guys.

In 2012 we founded the Facet Ski Company.  Embodying the handcrafted quality and tradition of New England craftsmanship we turned our passion and desire for performance skis into a reality. We retrofitted a garage into a full fledged workshop and started to design and manufacture our Top Quality, High Performance, Handcrafted, Made in America skis.

We are meticulous in every step of hand-building each Facet Ski so that every pair in and of itself personifies the intensity of a diamond.  Like a diamond each pair is truly unique in its character and provides an unmatched experience in the mountains.



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