Our Team

Ryan – CEO & Leader of the Till I Die Clan: Ryan enjoys apres skiing, hot tubs, and building fires. His ski equipment is older than he is but dont you worry about that. As the visionary for the brand, Ryan looks to continue to build this company around good times, better friends, and exceptional results.

Nick G – Business Partner & Chill Master: While the rest of North America is busy with winter activities you can find Nick on the beach in Hawaii. Nick has the surfing scene locked down which is perfect as Till I Die moves into other sports, creating an all encompassing lifestyle brand. Keep an eye out for this guy in Kauai as he rides the waves and keeps that tan going all year long.

Nick Y – Actual Skier & Brand Manager: Nick’s ability to turn any situation into an awesome time is second to none.  He is known for being awkward, Gelande Quaffing, chopping wood, planning waterslide parties, and pushing the hazard light button when other people are driving.  As a key player Nick is key in building the brand into the destination for lifestyle sportswear.
Brant -Supply Chain Guru: Brant is a big fan of fishing. He doesn’t always catch the most fish, but he always catches the biggest. This segways into Brant’s quality over quantity guarantee that Till I Die stands behind.

Stef – Graphic Artist Extraordinaire: When Stef isn’t busy entertaining you with her video graphics on football Sundays, she is in the Till I Die lab cranking out new logos, designs, and graphics as a passion. At home on the mountain Stef is a perfect fit on the Till I Die team.

Neal – Cybertronic Web Designer: Neal is an exceptionally mediocre BADASS skier. Perfect, we don’t discriminate. Just as comfortable on the hill or on the couch, Neal built out this site from scratch to really accelerate Till I Die in a positive direction. You go Glenn Coco.

April – Legal Council (& keeps us out of jail): April is driven by her desire to “keep up with the boys,” whether it be snow sports, water sports or drinking sports. She’s always ready for a great time with good friends, good family or even good strangers! April assures our brand is protected through her strong knowledge of intellectual property rights, but we swear, she’s cool too.

Lauren – Intern Of The Year: As the reigning IOTY, Lauren is entering her senior season at URI. A varsity flip cup player and McBrine ski racer, we expect big things from her coming out of college. This summer Lauren has been an integral part of the Till I Die team and we just want her to hurry up with school and come on board full time. Next step, signing her to a rookie deal.

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